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23 June
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Susie | 21 | Film and Media Student | Odeon employee | Aspiring Movie Director | Idolizes Sam Mendes | Hopes to live in NYC | Obsessive | Thrill Junkie | British Baseball Fan (New York Mets!) | Loves Fake News | Watches too much TV | Has growing interest in TV direction | Read/writes a little fanfic | Enjoys giggage particularly We Are Scientists and Frightened Rabbit | Frabbit 'groupie' | Spends a lot of time at cinema (even more now!) | MET STEPHEN COLBERT! |


I dabble in many fandoms as you will see below.

Fandoms/TV » West Wing. Anything by Aaron Sorkin. Heroes. Castle. How I Met Your Mother. FlashForward. The Daily Show. The Colbert Report. The Office: An American Workplace. Joan of Arcadia. Arrested Development. Entourage. Big Love. Six Feet Under. Monk. Black Books. QI. Jonathan Creek.

Ships » Josh/Donna, CJ/Toby, CJ/Simon, CJ/Danny (WW). Matt/Danny (S60). Sandra/Bennet, Claude/Bennet, Bennet/Everyone, Matt/Mohinder, Matt/Nathan (Heroes). Jon/Stephen (TDS/TCR). Jim/Pam, Michael/Jan, Dwight/Angela (The Office). Joan/Adam, Luke/Grace, Will/Helen (JoA). George-Michael/Maeby, Lindsay/Tobias (AD). Ari/MrsAri (Entourage). Barb/Bill/Nikki/Bill/Margene (Big Love). Nate/Brenda, David/Keith, Claire/Gabe (SFU). Monk/Sharona (Monk). Sydney/Vaughan, Sydney/Will (Alias). Bernard/Fran (Black Books). Jonathan/Maddy (JC). Castle/Beckett (Castle). Barney/Robin (HIMYM).

Top 10 All-Time Movies» 1. Back to the Future 2. The Usual Suspects 3. Raiders of the Lost Ark 4. The Shawshank Redemption 5. Jaws 6. Jurassic Park 7. Toy Story 8. Blade Runner 9. Road to Perdition 10. Ghostbusters


Obsessions of the current » Frightened Rabbit. Andy of Frightened Rabbit. The Darien Venture. Trapped in Kansas. Castle. Nathan Fillion. Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert.

» C O N T A C T & L I N K S

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